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Munda Biddi Trail Foundation Board Member

  • Location: West Leederville WA
  • Commitment: Regular - more than 6 months
  • Category: Recreation
  • Time Required

    8 hours per month, plus attendance at monthly board meetings (approximately 5 hrs per month including travel time). Board meetings are held on Fridays during working hours.

  • Suitable for
    • Skilled Volunteers
  • Type of work
    • Accounting & Finance
    • Governance, Boards & Committees
    • Marketing, Media & Communications
  • Training

    Ongoing, by current MBTF board members and Executive Officer.

  • Requirements
    • National Police Certificate *

    While not forming pre‐requisites for the position, it is envisaged that the new board member will have a background in accounting, legal affairs, marketing communications or general management.

    * May be arranged via the Organisation. Details to be provided on expression of interest.

The MBTF board wishes to recruit a new board member. Board members are elected by the MBTF members at the AGM.

Context - The Munda Biddi Trail Foundation (“the MBTF”) is a not‐for‐profit association that relies on funding from the Government of Western Australia’s Department of Biodiversity, Conservation & Attractions (“DBCA”) and Alcoa Australia. The Foundation is at the centre of a strong community of members, volunteers and supporters. It directly communicates with a membership of some 2,000 individuals, is followed by a Facebook community of around 5,000 and coordinates the activities of 200 volunteers. It also works with many local businesses and community groups in the towns through which the Trail passes. It conducts a busy program of events on the Trail and coordinates maintenance activities along its length.

DBCA Relationship - The Objectives of the MBTF map directly onto the Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”) prescribed by DBCA in its Service Agreement with the MBTF. While the achievement of these Objectives and, therefore the delivery of the KPIs, is a contractual matter between the MBTF and DBCA, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between WestCycle and the MBTF assigns significant responsibility to WestCycle for delivering the KPIs.

The DBCA KPIs are fall into two main areas;

  1. Volunteer Management.
  • Ensure volunteer trail maintenance section coverage of 85% to 95%.
  • Maintain coverage of the Area Leader program.
  • Maintain the volunteer database to ensure effective use of volunteer participants.
  • Conduct two volunteer training days per annum with assistance from DBCA.
  • Develop and maintain a volunteer program for the Foundation that is based on "paid staff supporting volunteers".
  • Progress towards the advanced maintenance volunteer Rover Task Force program.
  1. Information, Marketing and Promotion.
  • Continue to be the prime contact for public enquiries and provide advice about the Trail.
  • Maintain relevant and current content across online platforms including website and social media to inform target audiences.
  • Conduct two annual information events such as bike maintenance workshops or trip planning sessions.
  • Seek, support and endorse Munda Biddi Trail relevant events run by third parties in both metropolitan and regional locations by providing in‐kind support (e.g. Foundation representation at events, online promotion).

Alcoa Arrangements Additional to the funds provided by DBCA under the terms of the Service Agreement, the MBTF actively seeks financial support from public sector and commercial sponsors. Since 2000, Alcoa has been a key sponsor with a three‐year renewal of the agreement commencing in July 2018. Under the Alcoa arrangement, the MBTF conducts trail maintenance, try‐the‐trail and bike maintenance events with Alcoa employees and the local community.


Board Members The MBF Board comprises six elected members and one member nominated by the Director General of the DBCA. Board members act on a voluntary basis with each assuming responsibility for specific aspects of the Foundation's operations. Board members attend one meeting per month and provide about a further eight hours per month for Foundation‐related activities. Board members are elected by the members of the MBTF for a twelve‐month period after which they may stand for re‐election.

The next AGM is scheduled for 24 October 2019. The board members are currently: Chair: Peter Versluis Vice Chair: Preeti Castle Treasurer: Rachelle Spyker Secretary: Anton Beets Mountain Bike Community Liaison: Neil Brodie Trail Master: Alex Campbell All board members other than Rachelle Spyker have indicated a preparedness to continue for another twelve months after the 2019 AGM. Rachelle Spyker has indicated that she will maintain an involvement with the Foundation as a volunteer bookkeeper to support the Treasurer.

Executive Officer The MBTF, through WestCycle, employs Oliver Laing as its full‐time Executive Officer. The Executive Officer is responsible for:

  1. Recruiting, supervising, motivating, deploying, monitoring and recording the activities of the volunteers to assist in the delivery of a range of services including in‐field activities including: o Delivering the Trail maintenance program and ensuring, among other things, that an adequate number of volunteers is available to cover the Trail in its entirety; o Delivering the events program that involves producing about four events each year, preferably staged in both metropolitan and regional areas; o Fostering positive community relations through the provision of information or advice about the Trail, operation of websites and social media platforms and expansion of the MBTF membership program;
  2. Providing executive support to the board including attending all board meetings and the annual general meeting (“the AGM”) and assisting the Secretary to organise these meetings.