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Members Representative Officer - Surf Club - North Haven, SA

North Haven Surf Life Saving Club Inc
Logo for North Haven Surf Life Saving Club Inc
  1. Support to the Committee: • Collaborate with the committee to develop and implement strategies for member engagement, development, and retention. • Provide regular updates to the committee regarding membership statistics, issues, and trends. • Assist in the formulation and execution of policies, procedures, and guidelines related to membership.

  2. Support to the Members: • Foster a positive and inclusive club culture by addressing members' needs, concerns, and inquiries. • Coordinate and facilitate member support services, including access to resources, training opportunities, and mentorship programs. • Develop and implement initiatives to enhance member satisfaction, engagement, and overall experience.

  3. On-boarding of New Members: • Maintain and update the “North Haven Surf Life Saving Club – Welcome booklet” • Develop and maintain an efficient on-boarding process for new members, ensuring a smooth transition into the club. • Provide orientation sessions and relevant materials to new members, outlining club expectations, procedures, and safety protocols. • Act as a point of contact for new members, addressing their queries, concerns, and facilitating their integration into the club.

  4. Management of Club Induction: • Organise and deliver comprehensive induction programs for all members, emphasizing safety, club values, and best practices. • Delegate the above responsibility where appropriate and as required • Ensure all members are aware of their roles, responsibilities, and obligations within the club. • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the induction process, making necessary improvements as required.

  5. Management of Safety: • Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to establish and enforce safety protocols and procedures. • Conduct regular safety inspections, identify potential hazards, and implement appropriate measures to mitigate risks. • Provide ongoing safety training and education to members, emphasizing the importance of safety in all club activities.

  6. Management of Conflict Resolution: • Act as a mediator and facilitate conflict resolution processes among members. • Address and manage member disputes, complaints, and grievances in a fair and impartial manner. • Implement strategies to promote positive communication and resolve conflicts proactively.

  7. Management of Member Support: • Develop and implement support programs to assist members facing personal or professional challenges. • Collaborate with external organizations and professionals to provide specialised support services when needed. • Maintain confidentiality and ensure members' privacy is respected throughout the support process.

  8. Management of Mandatory Reporting Requirements: • Stay updated on legal and regulatory requirements related to mandatory reporting, child safety, and protection. • Ensure compliance with reporting obligations by promptly reporting any incidents or concerns to the appropriate authorities. • Maintain accurate records of incidents, investigations, and actions taken to address reported concerns.

  9. Promotion of Health and Well-being for Members: • Develop and implement initiatives to promote the physical and mental well-being of club members. • Coordinate health and wellness programs, workshops, and resources to support members' overall health. • Coordinate high-performance programs, workshops to support members • Advocate for a healthy lifestyle and encourage participation in fitness activities and community events.

  10. Internal and External Communication: • Manage effective communication channels within the club, including newsletters, emails, and social media platforms. • Liaise with external stakeholders, media, and the broader community to promote the club's activities and achievements. • Ensure consistent messaging and branding in all communication materials.

  11. Employee Training Management: • Coordinate and oversee the training and development of club employees, ensuring compliance with relevant certifications and qualifications. • Identify training needs, develop training programs, and facilitate training sessions for staff members. • Maintain training records and monitor staff performance to ensure ongoing professional development.

  12. Accountability, Commitment to Diversity, and Inclusivity: • Demonstrate accountability by upholding professional standards, fulfilling responsibilities, and adhering to ethical practices. • Foster a culture of diversity and inclusivity, ensuring all members feel valued, respected, and included. • Champion and promote the club's values, including integrity, fairness, teamwork, and respect for others.

You can not apply for this role as it is no longer available.