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Hub 5042 - EBC Community Centre & Grounds - Volunteers

Hub 5042 Community Centre

Edwardstown Baptist Church (EBC) is all about community.

They have a range of activities to either be involved with to come along to and join or to volunteer within.

They have volunteer vacancies in the below areas:

  • Gwens Pantry: food box packers (for families in need)
  • Inspire Friendship Club: cooks, cleaners and carers (a place to gather, socialise, play games & share a meal)
  • Seek & Save Op shop: label, display, sell (clothes, toys, homewares, books)
  • Property & Garden Care: working beside caretakers to care for the property.

All these activities provide an avenue for people to:

  • connect
  • talk
  • and listen to others
  • make friends
  • and be active.

They assist in reducing social isolation, removing discrimination and enhancing community participation.

The majority of people attending the Hub 5042 Centre may be:

  • experiencing unemployment
  • are refugees
  • new to the country
  • have a disability
  • or are lonely and seeking companionship and support.

We all need to belong and this may be the exact place where you are meant to be!

What is amazing about EBC and the Hub 5042 Community Centre is that if you are someone that wants to volunteer and doesn't really know what you'd be good at, like or be able to do - you are welcome here. You will be able to slowly get to know all the activities and groups in the centre and see where you best fit.

So, if you are a young person looking for some experience or a retiree or anywhere in between, express your interest now, they would love to hear from you!