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Marketing & Promotions Specialist

  • Location: Anywhere
  • Commitment: Regular - less than 6 months
  • Category: Family Services
  • Time Required

    As this is computer based and behind the scenes, there is no set time / date. It is purely up to the volunteer when and how they perform this task and how long it takes

  • Suitable for
    • Skilled Volunteers
  • Type of work
    • Marketing, Media & Communications
    • Writing & Editing
  • Requirements
    • National Police Certificate *

    As there is potential for this role to involve observing / managing private details a police check is required for the safety of our families. No actual contact with children is performed in this role.

    * May be arranged via the Organisation. Details to be provided on expression of interest.

The Boroondara Volunteer Resource Centre is advertising this role on behalf of Camberwell Structured Playgroup.

As the playgroup is purely volunteer based and all volunteers by nature of the organisation have small children it is very difficult finding anyone who has the knowledge / time to devote to this project.

We would really like some help from someone who understands this space (especially social media and google searches etc) to get our playgroup 'out there' and attract new families. This could also include writing to child based websites/blogs/magazines to advertise our services.

We have also listed a volunteer opportunity seeking help with upgrading our website and hopefully we will be able to achieve this goal at the same time.

This play group fills a gap for children who are not at kinder/school age but are seeking social activities and a safe space to explore and learn. It is also a place for carers to meet others and for those who are not working can often be a lifeline in a difficult time!

The playgroup is 'structured' meaning there is a paid staff member who sets up and runs the session however the carer still stays with the child. Their salary, coupled with hall fees and general running costs means the term fees paid by parents only just covers the overheads and there is no room for ongoing marketing etc.

We are looking for someone who can fill this gap and help us increase our social media presence and marketing in general.

Note: You will need to be a resident of Victoria to express interest in this volunteer opportunity.

You can not apply for this role as it is no longer available.