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Professional Development Portfolio Manager

  • Location: Across: New South Wales NSW, Victoria VIC, South Australia SA, Western Australia WA, Queensland QLD, Australian Capital Territory ACT, Northern Territory NT
  • Commitment: Regular - less than 6 months
  • Category: Arts & Culture
  • Suitable for
    • Online & Remote Volunteers
    • Skilled Volunteers
    • Wheelchair Access
  • Type of work
    • Education & Training
    • Tutoring & Coaching
    • Writing & Editing
  • Requirements

    Candidates should have proven and appropriate administrations skills and experience with coordinating and leading teams effectively.

    Concrete demonstrable experience and other qualifications include:
    ● Must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills.
    ● Ability to lead by influence and develop strong relationships internal and external to the organisation.
    ● Ability to translate RWA’s objectives into a creative and effective professional development program for all levels of RWA membership.
    ● Working knowledge of on-line learning platforms, e.g. Moodle
    ● Ability to deal with confidential tasks discreetly.
    ● Ability to work effectively in collaboration with diverse groups of people and get a positive outcome.


Reporting to the Executive Committee, the Professional Development Portfolio Manager (PD PM) is responsible for

LEADERSHIP ● Develop and manage a robust and active Professional Development Program for RWA members. Programs include: RWA OWL Program, RWA Road Show, and other initiatives agreed upon by the RWA Committee. ● In collaboration with committee, develop a Professional Development Program in line with the RWA brand and strategy. ● Establish a healthy and positive relationship as the team leader for the RWA OWL Program. ● As Professional Development Manager, support the RWA OWL Program team, and liaise with RWA Administrator, and various members of RWA Committee and RWA Executive Committee. ● Ensure, along with Conference Treasurer, that all costs for the any program are covered by the income from the event, and a program profit returned. ● Liaise with the RWA Executive and General Committee on prices to be charged for programs and ensure all changes to prices are ratified. ● Post-conference reporting and event finalization.

GENERAL DUTIES ● The Professional Development Portfolio Manager manages all programs, but not including the RWA Annual Conference. This is managed by a separate committee member. ● Sources appropriate volunteers and assigns roles, along with role descriptions and responsibilities (can be drafted/coordinated with RWA Admin where necessary). ● Ensures appropriate and positive communication is a priority within the team, and encourage a supportive culture. Volunteers are an asset to the organisation, and as a coordinator, the Professional Development Portfolio Manager must ensure volunteers feel heard, respected and supported. ● Devise programs, workshops events and refer to Committee for approval. Upon receipt of approval, develop a robust event and/or workshop program around the theme. ● Ensure that the all OWL Presenter Proposals are referred to the Committee for approval prior to issuing the annual calendar of OWL presentations. ● Ensure all presenters are issued with an RWA OWL Agreement and that these Agreements are signed and returned prior to OWL presentation been delivered (can be coordinated with RWA Admin where necessary). ● Liaise with the RWA Admin and the RWA Treasurer to ensure all presenters are paid for their presentations within the timeframe stipulated in their agreement. ● Communicate regularly with all program/workshop teams and give teams and opportunity to discuss any issues or challenges. ● Prepare a progress report to bring committee up to date with event progress and business management. ● Work with RWA Admin to develop job descriptions and procedures where necessary. ● Liaise with the Volunteer Coordinator when existing team roles or new teams need to be developed. ● Capture data for reporting purposes. ● Ensure any and all communications and actions with external partners are positive and effective as a representative of RWA.