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Event Volunteers – Peter Mac's Unite To Fight Cancer

  • Location: Melbourne VIC
  • Commitment: One off - an event
  • Category: Recreation
  • Time Required

    Saturday 26th October AM: 0800 - 1200 Saturday 26th October PM: 1200 - 1600 Sunday 27th October AM: 0700 - 1200 Sunday 27th October PM: 1200 - 1700 (Note: some roles may differ to the times stated above due to location/role type)

  • Suitable for
    • Groups of 10 or more
    • People Learning English
    • Skilled Volunteers
    • Travelling Volunteers
    • Work Experience
  • Type of work
    • Fundraising & Events
    • Sport & Physical Activity

Unite to Fight Cancer 2019 calls upon thousands of passionate people to take the streets and parks of Melbourne on Sunday 27 October. They’ll Ride (60km or 100km), Run (7km or 21km) or Walk (7km or 21km) and Unite to Fight Cancer with Peter Mac. All our participants have committed to fundraising at least $750 for the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

We have volunteering opportunities available across four broad categories:

Participant Experience Group The Participant Experience Group will consist of all volunteers whose role is to ensure that our participants, and the public, are treated well and have the time of their lives at the event.

The responsibilities for this group are focused on direct interactions with the event's participants and the public. The volunteers will be expected to make a fuss of the participants, to indulge them in a bit of banter, and give positive encouragement to all whom they meet.

This group would be best suited for outgoing, confident, extroverts, but there is always room for any volunteer who would rather focus on the heroes of the day, as opposed to making sure that the event is running on time, for example.

Event Champions

The Event Champions group will consist of volunteers whose focus will be on helping the Events Team to run the event smoothly. Duties such as marker placement, crowd traffic control, and course management will be the responsibility of this group.

While there will be engagement with the participants and with the public (especially as course Sweepers or Taxis), the remit of this group is to work with the Event Managers to ensure that this will be the greatest event ever to have graced Melbourne. Without the hard work, dedication, and selflessness of this group, the event would be impossible to deliver.

This group would be best suited for volunteers who are hands-on, who like making themselves useful, and who are interested in event delivery and throwing the best parties!

Specialist Volunteers

This group of volunteers are those with specialist skills, such as the masseurs, the yoga instructors, and the warm-up instructor. These are volunteers who have accredited specialisms, whose role will be to ensure that our participants are kept in excellent condition and are treated like superstars.

The Specialist Volunteers will be situated in the Event Village and will have their own marquees to work from.

This group would be best suited for those with specialist skills and are willing to give up their time in order to aid a noble cause.

Event Tech Support

This group of volunteers will be dedicated to supporting the cyclists by providing mechanical and technical assistance. The duties within this group may vary widely - from full repairs, repairing punctures, or even letting a cyclist use a tool that they may have forgotten to bring with them for the challenge.

Due to the nature of this role, volunteers will be expected to have a good degree of know-how about bike maintenance – as well as a dash of patience for those new to cycling!

This group would be best suited to volunteers knowledgeable about bike maintenance, cycle enthusiasts, and cyclists who wish to help the cause but do not wish to take part in the event as a participant.

Please note: Volunteers must be 18+ (or accompanied by a guardian). You will be expected to work for a full shift, and you will be provided with a volunteer t-shirt, and be given snacks and water through the day.

We can also do our best to place you in a location as close to your residence as possible.