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Grazier, Herder

  • Location: Across: Mullumbimby NSW, Gold Coast Mc QLD, Lismore NSW, Bangalow NSW
  • Commitment: Regular - more than 6 months
  • Category: Animal Welfare
  • Time Required

    10+ hours pr week

  • Suitable for
    • Skilled Volunteers
  • Type of work
    • Working with Animals

’Til The Cows Come Home is a non-profit organisation rescuing herds and flocks of farmed animals at a time.

We enjoy working with farmers who love animals, to take the weight off their hands and hearts by enabling all the animals they rear to have a happy ending.

We are aware that mass farmed animals can cause havoc to the land, that’s why our team is trained in Regenerative Rescue where by rescuing these animals, ’Til The Cows Come Home, will not only reverse land deterioration caused by drought but will save the lives of millions of animals across Australia. The more rescued animals, the more nutrient rich our soils will be thus the more regenerated our grasslands will become. We want an end to Australia’s crippling drought and we hold the solution in our hands.

Instead of culling in times of drought or when the animals viability descends, we ask that farmers get in touch with us. A kind and holistic approach is the only way forward.

How this effects you. Our Herd size will expand and decrease regularly as we rescue more animals and rehome more animals to forever homes. We predominantly rescue cows in order to implement our services of which you will help shepherd on. We manage our herds to regenerate soil, clear land organically, clear brush for wildfire prevention, etc...

You require a minimum of 1 year experience shepherding/herding. Any Holistic Management, Permaculture, Regenerative Farming experience will be appreciated though is not essential as we can provide some training to the right herder.

You must genuinely like animals and understand that our organisation runs on a vegan philosophy whereby all our animals are treated as pets, not as stock.