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Volunteers - CoderDojo Altona North

  • Location: Altona North VIC
  • Commitment: Regular - more than 6 months
  • Category: Education & Training
  • Time Required

    This role requires 2 hours of time over the weekend (every weekend) to run the class. Classes run only during school terms. Only volunteers who can commit to volunteering for 2-3 school terms (6-9 months) should consider applying for the position.

  • Suitable for
    • Skilled Volunteers
    • Work Experience
  • Type of work
    • Education & Training
    • Tutoring & Coaching
  • Training

    Volunteers will be able to come into CoderDojo Altona North and work with the existing team there gaining relevant skills. The volunteering lead will also have the opportunity to work with a mentor for support/guidance as required.

  • Reimbursement

    No reimbursement provided.

  • Requirements
    • Working with Children Check *

    Needs to complete the Raspberry Pi Foundation Child Safeguarding training (free online training).

    * May be arranged via the Organisation. Details to be provided on expression of interest.

Coder Dojo Altona North offers volunteers a great opportunity to work with parents/kids here in Melbourne, Australia and help build them STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) skills. This is an opportunity to work at the grass root and help build a strong future for all us here in Australia and your efforts will go a long way towards making that happen.

At CoderDojo volunteers work closely with parent/child teams helping them chart out a STEM learning journey that works best for them and then work with them supporting them on their STEM learning journey. This learning includes supporting parent/child teams on any of the coding, electronics, robotics, 3d modelling challenges they encounter, pointing them in the right direction and helping them find a way forward.

As a volunteer at the CoderDojo your responsibilities include -

In class activities : 2 Hrs Every Week **(1000 - 1200 Hrs AEST on Saturday) **-

  • Work with the volunteering lead, volunteers team and help run the weekly sessions
  • Work with the library staff and volunteer team to setup the class for the session
  • Work with the library staff and volunteer team to ensure that equipment is packed up and handed over at the end of the session
  • Help run the Stand-up at the start of the session and the "Show and Tell" at the end of the session.
  • Work with the volunteer lead, volunteer team and support the parent/child teams as required.
  • Work with the parent/child teams on coding, electronics, robotics, 3d modelling, web development, etc. challenges the face. Guide them and point them in the right direction.
  • Help resolve any conflict in a safe manner, escalate to the lead a required. Ensure the CoderDojo policies and guidelines are being enforced.
  • Work with the parent/kid teams on the various coding, electronics, robotics, 3d modelling, web development challenges. Support STEM learning across the group.
  • Work with the volunteer lead and help track progress that the kids are making in class. Ensure that the kids are being challenged and get the kids to change focus to more challenging development tracks as required. Work with the parents and volunteers on this.
  • Most importantly, support the parent/child team on their STEM learning journey. Mentor the parent in class so that they can support their kids in class and help them continue their learning when outside of class.

A big difference with the way we run our CoderDojo is that we work with Parent/Child teams helping them discover their own STEM learning journey. We are passionate about igniting and inspiring kids to innovate and we use the STEM learning platform to do that.