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Dog Foster Carer

  • Location: Perth WA
  • Commitment: Regular - less than 6 months
  • Category: Animal Welfare
  • Time Required

    Time frame - minimum of 4 - 8 weeks

  • Type of work
    • Working with Animals
  • Requirements

    Experience with dogs is beneficial but not as important as a willingness to donate your time and patience and to learn with the support of the WA Pet Project team.
    A specific WA Pet Project Inc volunteer form will also need to be completed and will take 1-5 mins of your time.

Do you have space in your home to help dogs in need? Do you have a love / understanding of dogs? WA Pet Project is in need of your assistance! We are a foster care based animal rescue that helps cats and dogs throughout WA from our individual metropolitan homes. These animals are requiring time and assistance from our foster carers to regain their health or improve their behaviour before we match them to a forever family. Your job as a foster carer is to help them overcome their past experiences & identify their perfect home environment. You assist by completing the tasks below: *Collect dog from the pound / surrender point - flea & worm if safe to do so *Quarantine the dog from other pets for 2 weeks *Identify & complete vet work required - generally sterilisation, microchip and vaccination by driving to 1 of our supportive vets. Costs covered by WAPP *Contact photographer volunteer team to snap photos of your foster dog *Write up dog's profile / ad based on your observations - help provided - within the first fortnight *Transport the dog to a monthly adoption event IF it can cope *Supply food, toys and bedding. Food donations are shared when available *Positive based training - might be toilet training or basic manners. Until you the carer assess the dog we don't know... *TLC & patience in abundance