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Volunteer Technology Solutions Architect

  • Location: Sydney NSW
  • Commitment: Regular - more than 6 months
  • Category: Health
  • Time Required

    The requirement is to roadmap, develop, and implement the best case IT resources to maximize impact. we would encourage a higher involvement to start followed by a couple of hours per week baseline involvement.

  • Suitable for
    • Younger volunteers, aged 14-18
    • Travelling Volunteers
    • Families with Children
    • Skilled Volunteers
    • Work Experience
    • Online & Remote Volunteers
  • Type of work
    • Accounting & Finance
    • Fundraising & Events
    • IT & Web Development
    • Governance, Boards & Committees
    • Administration & Office Management
    • Marketing, Media & Communications
  • Training

    As the foundation is very lean, sharing the skills with the board and the volunteers will be appreciated

  • Reimbursement

    Reward in this role is the knowledge of this being for betterment of humanity and future generations. Lets work smartly. TOGETHER WE WILL FIND A CURE

  • Requirements

    Knowledge of SalesForce and Adwords is desirable

The Role

Volunteer Technology Solutions Architect will take pride in setting up FoxG1 foundation with capable efficient systems and work to maximize the use of existing resources like the 10 Community license of a SalesForce Not for Profit Success Pack (NPSP) and successfully maximize the utilization and effectiveness of the $10,000 per month Google AdWords Express grant. integration of Volunteer and event's calender with the website and integration and management of the social communications channels need to be executed and maintained.

The road map is to maximize the utilization of this world-class support from leading suppliers to maximize reach effectiveness and impact and to find a cure for FoxG1 ASAP.

Expected time commitment

The role is anticipated to be a volunteer role and hence the role is intended to be structured as a shared role with specific speciality capabilities responsibilities shared across amongst multiple resources (a volunteer Job Share) to not make it too intensive for a single individual. An expected initial commitment of 5-10 hours per week for the initial setup phases is expected with the ongoing commitment of a maximum of 5 hours per week is anticipated.