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Seeking Expression of Interest for Volunteers to assist with set up of a new Service

Youth in Crisis Triage Centre Incorporated

Youth in Crisis Triage Centre Inc. NSW - INC2100992 - ABN 61977957644 - ACNC …..

Youth need non-judgmental support and safety when they need it.

In times of crisis, youth struggle to find the right help. Finding the most reliable source and obtaining the necessary services add to the trauma. They often rely on peer advice in time-sensitive situations, which can worsen the crisis..

Becoming an adult can be confusing on its own. The adult world emphasizes mental health, crime, drugs, and social imposition - the youth are marginalized, and their problems are judged irrelevant.

Youth are our nation's future. Let's invest in them now!!

During the pandemic, Walter and Christopher met and lived in the same area - both have suffered from traumatic crises and mental health issues during their youths and adulthoods. The two decided to team up to tackle a problem they were passionate about - SAVE YOUTH. Due to their experience, they believed it was their duty to stop the pain and give hope to others.

After months in lockdown, a plan was hatched.

Technology that helps 'Youth at Risk' recover from an event in real-time using artificial intelligence (AI). The special youth advocates and on-call first responders kept them safe until expert transport was sent, where they received guidance and advice to help them rehabilitate and get back to normal.

Our mission is to provide youth experiencing a crisis with safe connections and safe actions in a non-judgmental manner, without bias or preconceptions. When a youth is experiencing a crisis, we quickly intervene and help - ignoring the situation will likely result in trauma.

No matter how small or large, significant or insignificant, legal or illegal, we are focused on keeping our youth safe. Regardless of how adults view the situation, it is our duty to help if it is a crisis in our youth's minds. In this world, we need to communicate as modern youth do, not using adult jargon.

This is what we do -

● Triage Centre - A Web-Based Application utilizing AI and Crisis Call Centre Operators/ First Responders, coupled with teams of Youth Advocates charged with retrieving and stabilizing the youth in question, then passing them on once stabilized to the correct recovery professionals to take over and support into recovery.

We don't provide professional services. Our service similar to the emergency number 000.

● Training in Youth Advocacy and First Responder - Protocols, Applications and Youth matters. ● A searchable database of Government, Non-Government Agencies, and Professionals who can assist youth in crisis, family friends and other interested parties..

This program needs your support and contribution. - Let us know how you can help.