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Ticket taking and customer service:

  1. The cart driver is required to be available for families to take rides for half hour sessions three times a day.

Tractor Driving 1. The tractor must be driven at a very slow and safe speed at all times. 2. The cart ride driver may wish to vary his/her route through the farm to add variety and reduces wear on the turf (a repetitive route does a lot of damage very quickly) 3. Cart ride drivers are to be aware at all times of a safe route and correct lines to take to turn safely. 4. The cart ride driver is also asked to keep a keen eye out for damage\, litter or other concerns that may be observed around the farm.

Cleaning and prep

  1. The Cart driver ensures the carts are clean and dry before each cart ride session.
  2. The cart ride driver must conduct a pre-check before each cart ride session ensuring tyres, and couplings are fit for service.
  3. The driver also ensures social distancing is implemented when and where necessary.
  4. To ensure drivers don't run out of fuel in the middle of a session, make sure the tractor is topped up before each session starts.
  5. Between sessions the cart ride driver may tidy or sweep out the garage for the carts to help maintain a clean work environment.