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Grant writers/Project designers & developers/Admin-volunteer manager/Marketers, Group facilitator Support, IT, Film students

Accelerated Evolution - The Break Inc.

Grant writers - who can source grants (although we can give pointers), read and understand all the guidelines to ensure we are eligible and to not miss something we need to refer to, write the grant, and take feedback from us in reviewing it before submission

Researchers - people with enough academic background they can read research to find what new ideas are validated properly

Project developers - people who have skills in developing social enterprise projects. They may be students getting guidance in this regard or experienced people looking to bolster their CVs. This will need planning, liaising with other organisations, negotiating budgets, sourcing quotes for grants, etc.

Volunteer manager/admin - who can coordinate and source volunteer labour, who can re-allocate it to different programs we are running as required, to keep track of hours undertaken by some mandated volunteers for reporting purposes, and to assist with reporting. Admin will also need to chase up loose ends for us and (if they chose to work from on-site sometimes) tidy up the office (not a cleaner as we have one weekly, but if something is left awry between cleaning days to tidy up).

Marketer/crowdfunding - someone who can develop brochures for programs (as they're often expected in grant proposals), who can develop & institute marketing campaigns, someone who can identify and pitch to potential corporate sponsors

Group facilitator supports - someone who can assist our group facilitators with supports such as adminstrative work, booking in clients, and sitting in on groups when they run. Also support our facilitators with program development. Likely to be invaluable expereince beyond what is ever offered to even psych students during their training. Ideal for undergrad counselling/psychotherapy/psych students seeking to get firsthand experience.

IT - we are designing interactive software to elevate socially disadvataged people into the mainstream community. We are also designing webpages for different programs. We need IT experts who can support our IT manager in this regard and his development of a volunteer management system. Film Students-we are making documentaries on several projects and constantly creating original content. We need people with skills in video, photogrpahy and editing.

**Only people passionate about improving the world through action need apply. Specific skills are highly valued, but we need driven people who can follow through on their commitment to projects with us. Passion is valued above skills, as driven people have been found to find a way to overcome skills shortfalls ******